Add Ons

Add Ons can be used to close a Teylu
and maintain momentum between them.

Use yours. Use ours. Use none at all.
Add Ons are totally optional, entirely flexible.

Not all workplaces want this kind of content: fair enough.
But if you want more community and trust, this works.


Close your meeting with a thoughtful moment


Redefining Success

Poem by Bessie Stanley on what really matters about being successful.


Much quoted poem by the Victorian Englishman William Ernest Henley.

Self Reliance

Two parts of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1841 essay: "Self-Reliance”.

Reforming Me First

Excerpt from P Block’s “Stewardship” on shifting from changing others.

The Road Not Taken

Poem by Robert Frost on life's journey and the choices it presents.

Everybody Matters

Excerpt from B Chapman’s book “Everybody Matters”.

The Arena

Part of T Roosevelt’s 1910 speech “Citizenship in a Republic”.

Bank of NZ

Story of employee initiative from G Hamel’s “What Matters Now”.


Maintain momentum between meetings


Quotes on kindness for people to contemplate and, potentially, act on.


A continuation of the commitment to reconnect with people that matter to us.


Quotes on courage for people to contemplate and, potentially, act on.

Human Biz Stats

Statistics concerning what happens in status quo vs human organisations.

Global Proverbs

Proverbs from different nations that have stood the test of time.

Acts of Kindness

Ideas for people to put into practice; if not in person, anonymously.

The Nature Deficit

Contemplating the cost of the gap that exists between humanity and nature.


Quotes on integrity for people to contemplate and, potentially, act on.