A selection of scenarios Teylu can be successfully used for,
to make meaningful progress in the context of authentic relationship.

Popular FAQ: “What are some example use cases of Teylu?”


How can we kick start conversations for change?

We need a format we can suggest internally that isn’t old paradigm.


How can we be more intentional about relationships?

We need our remote teams and stakeholder groups to talk more.


How can we stay challenged to be more sustainable?

We are open to partnering with other teams and organisations.


Can I find support from people in a similar role to me?

I am looking for camaraderie and an exchange of ideas.

How can we nurture community across the company?

It’s so exciting to imagine what might happen if we did that.


How do we tap into everyone’s ideas and creativity?

I need to access the ideas and willingness I know is there.

better team.png

How can I get more from my team without burn out?

I want us to be higher performing and more empathetic.


How can we build a more trusting environment?

A lot of things we would like to be and do require this.

How can we invest more in employee emotional health?

It would be great for it to be whole self and easy to implement.

How can we offer learning that is more experiential?

We don’t want traditional teaching or coaching models.


How do we maintain connection between our alumni?

I know they value staying in relationship with one another.

What can we do that is a commitment good governance?

We need something that is optional by nature and scalable by design.