Your Topic

How will you hold an ongoing, focused discussion?

Self BuilD

Build your own Topic.

Use any content that will prompt meaningful dialogue.

This can include articles, videos, guest speakers etc.

Off The Shelf

Topic Library coming soon…

Search and purchase pre-designed, ready to go Topics.

In the meantime, contact us and we will co-create one for you.


Co-create a Topic with us.

Tell us what you’d like to pursue and we’ll help you pull it together.

You could then sell your experience through the Library.

Want to sell to our community?

If you’re a topic enthusiast with a passion for change, let's turn it into a Topic for the Teylu community.

Whilst excellence is the goal, we are less interested in your CV than we are your heart for the transformation.

We'd love to share your heart and mind, so tell us your idea!