The format itself is free.

The Teylu model emerged from Shoremount’s work and theory of change.

Given the scale of change needed in the modern workplace, we decided to share it for free so anyone, in any context, could pursue meaningful change.

The free version means self managing your Teylu
But it is a super simple format accompanied by loads of self help support.

FAQ: As a third-party consultant, can I use Teylu with my own clients?

So what do we charge for?


We provide best in class materials for your Teylu to explore and apply.

Teylu is like a learning and development experience with the power of real time application and shared community.

These are priced per person.


We can provide a Host for your Teylu; hosting is a form of whole self facilitation.

We can train and mentor Hosts if you want to encourage Teylus within your context.


Applying the power and benefits of small conversation groups is part of Shoremount’s approach to change.

Engaging Shoremount is likely to involve Teylu forming part of the project.