The Unit of TransformatioN

The small group is the unit of transformation. It’s only in small groups that everyone’s voice gets heard.
— Peter Block: Organization Development Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Why are small groups the best way to pursue change?

People thrive in spaces of meaning, authenticity and community.
Learning and creativity is most productive when explored and applied in context.
Quality relationships creates quality governance.
Abundant mindsets are more powerful than ones based on fear and scarcity.
Businesses with heart are better; and heart is best nurtured in a small group.

Underpinned by the Teylu Charter & The Three Values and a data aligned understanding, Teylu reforms the norm by empowering what matters. You!

Popular FAQ: Why are small groups so important?



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How do I know it really cares about change?

Teylu is an initiative of Shoremount, an Award Winning, Founding UK B Corp; one of 11 UK companies named as Best for the World: Changemaker in the 2018 B Corp Best for The World Lists.

B Corps are companies using business as a force for good; an enterprise movement redefining success in business.

Other B Corp brands include much loved companies such as Patagonia, Danone, Eileen Fisher, Ben & Jerry’s, Natura, Triodos Bank, Innocent Drinks, Plum Organics and Method.


What are the origins of Teylu?

Small groups have long been recognised as the most successful model of change. Every major social movement has been sustained by, if not born from, the application of small group dynamics.

The Teylu model emerged from the work and thinking of Shoremount Founder, John Featherby. "Teylu" meaning "family" in Cornish (the ancient Celtic language of Cornwall) where John’s family have a farm.

John has been contributing to discreet conversations of personal and community transformation for years, often amongst opposing perspectives, including politicians, family offices, executives and professional sport.

Teylu was originally created in response to people seeking a safe space to explore overlapping personal and professional issues. But has morphed into a peer-to-peer learning, community and change movement.