The small group is the unit of transformation. It’s only in small groups that everyone’s voice gets heard.
— Peter Block: Organization Development Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Why are small groups a high performing answer to pursuing change and possibilities?

Meaning, authenticity and community is the context people thrive in.

It is lower risk to focus on community and citizenship than on the individual.

Good governance is about quality peer-to-peer relationships, not “management”.

Abundant mindsets are more creative than ones dominated by fear and scarcity.

Businesses with more heart are better; heart is best nurtured in a small group.

Underpinned by the Three Teylu Values, Teylu Charter and a data aligned understanding, Teylu reforms the norm by empowering what matters.


Popular FAQ: Why are small groups so important?


"Teylu" means "family" in Cornish; the ancient Celtic language of Cornwall.

Teylus were originally created by Shoremount in response to people seeking a safe space to explore overlapping personal and professional issues.

The concept remains Shoremount led, but has evolved into a peer-to-peer learning, community and change movement.


Shoremount is an Award Winning, Founding UK B Corp; one of 11 UK companies named as Best for the World: Changemaker in the 2018 BCorp Best for The World Lists.

Organisations can be better and do better and Shoremount shows you how. Our purpose is to restore joy, meaning and freedom to every workplace. Teylus are one way we do this.

B Corps are companies using business as a force for good; we’re an enterprise movement redefining success in business.

Other B Corp brands include much loved companies such as Patagonia, Danone, Eileen Fisher, Ben & Jerry’s, Natura, Triodos Bank, Innocent Drinks, Plum Organics and Method.